• Game-changing IOT solution, not requiring a gateway
  • OTT solution; No or low capital expenditure
  • Converged services, with a single UI / UX

SPRNGPOD, our smart platform to enable quick and cost effective digitization and automation.

Easily implemented in hotels with no / low capex.

Modules and services include:
  • Multi-screen IP TV
  • Appliance automation
  • Security (cameras and door locks)
  • On-demand services
Features also include:
  • Digital wallet
  • Geo-locational notifications
  • ‘Make viral’ on social media feature
  • Integrated with Google AdMob
  • Integrated with Flurry Analytics
  • Social media login
  • Integration with your loyalty program engine
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...



Social Media Login

Virtual Tour of Hotel

Notifications (Text & Graphic)

Digital Interactive directory

Internet Radio

Make app viral

Flurry Analytics support

Chat based ordering with CRM without reports

Devices per user - 1


Everything in Engage plus…

Smart Hotel login

IPTV- Live Tv, Favourites & VOD

Digital Signage

Video/Audio calling

Chat based ordering with CRM with reports

Devices per user - 3


Everything in Immersive plus…

Smart Rooms / IoT / Automation

Smart Door locks & Camera’s

Devices per user - 5