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Xperio Labs is set up by former Cisco and engineering leaders who believe that customers no longer buy products but seek solutions and experiences.




Asianet Mobile TV launched on SPRNGPOD platform with over 800,000 downloads and over 300,000 active customers.

The installation confirmed the scalability and robustness of the SPRNGPOD platform.

5 star designer luxury resort in Dubai

Guests can communicate with the resort staff as well as other guests with iPods placed in their rooms.

SPRNGPOD provides full mobility to guests besides smart notifications.

Asset Management Company in Dubai

Project being implemented to define a rich new tenant experience by deploying SPRNGPOD as a Digital Habitat platform converging multiple digital services via a single UI/UX.

Over The Air (OTA) service provider in Midwest , USA

SPRNGPOD is being deployed as a OTT platform to deliver multiple channels to subscribers in the Midwest , USA.


“Asianet has had a long and synergistic relationship with Xperio Labs.
Our relationship goes beyond the starting of Xperio Labs with the core team who have been leaders in Scientific Atlanta/Cisco and have been working with us for more than a decade, going back to 2005. As a team they have been highly committed to our success in the digital domain. They have been providing us high quality, cost effective devices and services for our video and broadband businesses.

With the launch of Asianet Mobile TV Plus service on their SPRNGPOD Cloud platform we aspire to transform Asianet into a Lifestyle Provider with home automation, monitoring and control under a unified service portfolio.”

Mr. G. Sankaranarayana

President & COO
Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd

“Xperio Labs is a strategic technology partner to DEN in its Broadband business. The team at Xperio has been engaged with DEN since the very beginning of our operations. They have enabled us to quickly scale and grow our broadband business with their high quality devices and services.”

Ramdoss Seetharaman

President (Broadband)
DEN Networks Ltd.


What We Do

Disruptive approach and implementation

SPRNGPOD, our digital transformation platform converges a number of services using a single UI/UX enabling a quick-to-implement and cost-effective technology platform.

IOt Devices

For Users

  • Simple to install and use

  • Cost effective

  • Elegant design and intuitive user interface

For Brands

  • Reduce capex and operational costs

  • No risk of technology obsolescence

  • Enable quick digitization

  • Enhance customer experience

Business model

Business model












Smart solutions at your fingertips February 04, 2019

Whether it is social media platforms, music and video streaming subscription services, online shopping stores, digital banking solutions or messaging apps we use technology on a daily basis in some form or the other.

But it is not only as consumers that technology impacts our life. Businesses too have profited due to the innovations in technology and have come to rely on it to boost production, improve the quality of goods and services, simplify operations management, expand their reach and for staying connected with customers. Industries like education, media and entertainment, healthcare, finance and others have benefited from advancements in tech and at the same time, they have also had to reimagine their business models due to digital disruption.

An Empowered Future

With Over-the-top (OTT) technology at its helm, businesses are now in a position to offer more products and services than ever before via a single platform that is powered by the internet.

A company that is at the forefront of this emerging tech is Xperio Labs. Xperio Labs was established in 2013 by Roshan Dsouza and Ajeeth Nair, former Cisco business and engineering leaders, with the aim of crafting effective solutions for businesses — and — designing easier and more fulfilling experiences for the end consumer. They could foresee the opportunities that over-the-top (OTT) technology presented for businesses and this led them to develop SPRNGPOD which facilitates, among others, communication service providers (CSPs) and real estate development companies in delivering a diverse portfolio of digital products and services to their customers.

Connect to your smart home with SPRNGPOD December 11, 2017

According to the report, the major verticals in smart homes are home intelligence, access control, entertainment, home comfort, connectivity, wellness, home safety, daily tasks and energy efficiency. The challenge is that these verticals are delivered by separate services which are each locked into their own "controller" ecosystem. For example, the home safety system is usually different from the home comfort system and each has its own equivalent of a gateway controller, similar to a set-top box.

Roshan D'Souza, CEO of Xperio Labs (, a Dubai Technology Entrepreneurship Centre-based company, thinks differently about this. He strongly believes that service providers like telcos and cable TV networks have the ability to converge all of these various verticals via the easy-to-use SPRNGPOD application. These service providers control the most important access to each household - the data link. Rather than have multiple IoT entities do an "over-the-top" play via the data-pipe, D'Souza has built technology that allows these service providers deliver a range of converged services without the need for multiple physical gateways. Instead, the SPRNGPOD app developed by Xperio for mobile devices allows consumers to access all of the service verticals conveniently and intuitively.
D'Souza quips: "An 85-year old grandmother should have no problems managing a smart home. That's my objective."

Xperio Labs partners with UST Global February 6, 2017

UST Global is a leading digital technology services company that provides powerful solutions for Global 1000 companies. UST Global's mission is to lead companies through critical digital transformations to drive higher business value. UST Global specializes in six next-generation digital services - design, cyber security, mobile, social, analytics and cloud. Powered by the mantra 'fewer clients, more attention', UST Global strives for excellence in providing their clients high-quality services and a commitment to long-term success. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, UST Global has over 17,000 associates; operating in 25 countries across four continents.

Xperio Labs is an emerging markets focused devices and services company incorporated in Hong Kong with offices/people across Atlanta, Bangalore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Surrey (U.K) & Shanghai.
Xperio Labs is set up by former Cisco and Scientific Atlanta business and engineering leaders who believe that customers no longer buy products but buy solutions and experiences.
The industrial design, user interface along with the software design and architecture of our products reflect our understanding that technology is only as good as it is useful to the people using it.
Our devices and services are built not just keeping a consumer but also the service provider in mind. Our commitment to innovation, combined with our ability to offer full end-to-end products & solutions along with responsive customization helps us reduce a service provider's TCO - Total Cost of Ownership and TTM - Time-to-Market For more information, please visit

Asianet launches mobile TV app July 20, 2016

Asianet Satellite Communications has launched Asianet Mobile TV+, an on-the-go mobile app for live streaming of Malayalam and other regional TV channels.

It can be downloaded from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Registration and activation can be done at

The TV channels offers a mix of rich content in entertainment, news, travel, lifestyle and spiritual segments, a company spokesman said. The launch offer includes a month’s free subscription of TV and radio services.

A leading digital cable TV and broadband service provider in Kerala, Asianet has extended digital cable TV services to various states in South India.

It now plans to go beyond the realm of entertainment and launch various other value-added services through the OTT (over-the-top) platform to transform itself into a lifestyle services provider.
G Sankaranarayana, President and Chief Operating Officer, Asianet, observed that mobile consumption has grown tremendously in recent times.

Asianet is poised to ride the wave with Asianet Mobile TV+, offering services in entertainment and various other modules to the Indian audience across the globe. S Satishkumar, Executive Vice President, Asianet, said that it has partnered with XperioLabs as the platform to launch the mobile app service.

Xperio Labs appoints Vineet Somakumar as VP, GM for South Asia April 20, 2016

Xperio Labs has appointed Vineet Somakumar as VP and GM for South Asia and other emerging markets. He will be responsible for the profit and loss of the sales organisation. In his last assignment, Somakumar was head of media sales and TV media practice of Ericsson India. He also managed the Sub-Saharan Africa business for Ericsson for a brief period. He took Ericsson to a leadership position in the cable sector besides maintaining its leadership position in the broadcast/DTH space.

Prior to joining Tandberg/Ericsson, Somakumar worked for global brands like Cisco/Scientific Atlanta, Siemens and Alcatel both in the service provider and in the enterprise space. Somakumar commented, “The consumer IoT space is soon getting at an inflection point and Xperio labs is well positioned to lead this space in emerging markets. I am excited to start a new chapter with Xperio. Having worked with most of the founding team members in Scientific Atlanta/Cisco, it’s a kind of home coming for me.”

Xperio Labs president Roshan D’Souza said, “Vineet brings along with him wealth of experience, industry knowledge and strong CXO relationships in the service provider space. I’m confident he will play a key role in providing and implementing high-quality solutions for our clients enabling them to offer their subscribers the best of consumer IoT.”

Eurostar launches Asianet Mobile TV app in Gulf August 24, 2015

Dubai: Dubai-based Eurostar has tied up with Asianet Satellite Communications and Xperio Labs to launch the Asianet Mobile TV app in the Gulf states in its bid to attract Malayalee expats.
A bouquet of 22 popular live Malayalam television channels and 20 radio channels (Malayalam, Hindi and English) can be streamed on tablets and smartphones.

“People are not keen to watch their favourite shows and programmes on TVs, especially the younger generation. The integration of [the] smart home concept is gaining traction in the region,” Yousuf Saidi, chief operating officer of Eurostar, told Gulf News.
Eurostar is giving a two-month free subscription with their ePad seven-inch tablet, which is retailing for Dh279 at Lulu outlets in the Gulf. The app can also be downloaded from the Android or Apple stores but the subscription can only be purchased from Eurostar website.

Malayalee expats need to pay Dh90 for a six-month subscription package.

The Malayalam live TV stations are Asianet News, Kairali, People, Jeevan, Mathrubhumi TV, Reporter, Kappa, Rosebowl, JaiHind, Flowers, Sakhi, Janam, Shalom, MediaOne, Amrita, WE, Kaumadi, Safari, ACV and PowerVision.
G.Sankaranarayana, president and COO of Asianet Satellite Communications, said that subscribers can use the same account anywhere in the world.

“This is just the beginning. The technology is changing very fast and everything is going mobile. This gave us an opportunity to reach to expat Malayalee community through our app. Our intention is to reach 100 channels, offer video-on-demand and gaming services very shorty and in other languages also,” he said.
Even though many of the channels have their own apps, Roshan D’Souza, president of Xperio Labs, said it is the convenience that counts through a single and intuitive app rather than downloading all the multiple apps.

Xperio Labs participates in Convergence 2015 January 20, 2015

Xperio Labs Ltd announced its participation at Convergence India 2015 , one of the largest technology expositions to be held in New Delhi from January 21st – 23rd 2015

As a rapidly expanding devices and services company, Xperio will showcase its latest range of devices and portfolio of services that include; cost effective D2 and D3 wired and wireless modems, the new range of MPEG 2/4 SD & HD STB's with a user friendly interface and remote controls as well as the Xperio Labs Platform As A Service (PaaS) which allows Service Providers to broadcast video, broadcast radio, Internet Radio and a host of other services to their subscribers on various Android and Apple devices.

The Xperio's devices and services are built around the needs of the consumer as well as the but also the service provider. Xperio's commitment to innovation, combined with its ability to offer full end-to-end products & solutions along with responsive customization helps reduce a service provider's TCO- Total Cost of Ownership and TTM – Time To Market.


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