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IP Camera

Xperio Home Security Camera

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  • Xperio labs IP camera is a High definition, full functioned video end point with industry leading image quality and processing power.
  • The camera is capable of full 720p resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) while optimising the network usage with H.264 compression.
  • Simple and easy to set up with live and record option.
45 USD


45 USD
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720p HD IP Camera

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Wifi - 2.4GHZ

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128 GB storage

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Improved night vision in Complete darkness

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Motion detection notifications

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165 degrees wide angle lens

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Remote Firmware upgrade

  • Brand : Xperio Lab
  • Viewing Angle : 165°
  • Night Vision - Yes
  • Resolution – 1 Mega Pixel HD
  • Wireless connectivity : Yes
  • Colour - White
  • Product ID : XL 2122 IFSI
  • Motion Detection : Xperio Lab camera is built-in with motion detection, this is a very useful feature as it sends you the notifications when camera observes any motion within its field of view. This notification can alert you to any Suspicious activity, hence you can monitor / better manage the situation.
  • Infrared Night Vision : As most of the unpleasant activities / incidents happens at night, this feature in the camera helps to record images in low to no light environment.
  • Push notification : Alarm push notification is very useful feature as you get instantaneous alert on the mobile via “SPRNPOD” app, so it keeps you updated about the movements at your place.
  • Security on the go : “SPRNGPOD” app helps you to monitor your premise at anytime, anywhere in the world using your Smart phone. It also helps to check recordings, capture moments and take screen shots.

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This Smart Camera makes a long distance relationship feel shorter...

IP Camera Review

This is a true story about a stray dog adopting a girl. They first met under the stairs of a Subway restaurant. He was a pup, eager to make friends with anything that moved. Being a mutt adorer, I couldn’t resist showering him with affection. The worst part was leaving him, not knowing if I would see him again. But I was wrong. I met him the very next day at the same spot! This was our routine, every day after work I would see him by the Subway stairs and as I would approach him, his tail would wag at the speed of 200 km/hr. I discussed with my mom about adopting Sabby. We, unfortunately, couldn’t because she was allergic to dogs.

I would sit with him by the Subway stairs and talk to strangers into adopting him. One evening, on my way back from work, I stopped by to meet him at our usual spot. He was missing. Maybe lost. I wasn’t sure what to think. I was frantically looking for him around our neighborhood and found him sleeping under a car. He was severely unwell. The best and only thing I could do was take him home.

Despite her health issues, my mom supported me in nursing him. He was nothing but skin and bones, along with being diagnosed with jaundice. He started to recover within weeks. It was the best feeling to see him move around, have an appetite and get mischievous.

He was with us for about three months and in better shape. My mom agreed to keep him home until he was well and once we found a foster care for him. The thought of giving him away to a stranger was more painful than I anticipated. One fine day I confided in my best friend. He too loved dogs, so he could empathize with me. He said something to me that relieved me in seconds. He said that he would take care of Sabby for me.

Now here’s the thing, my best friend lives in Delhi. Even though I knew Sabby was going to someone who was so dear to me, it still hurt. It was then I realized how much I loved him. Sabby took his first flight. He was pretty curious and terrified, I could tell. As for me, I came back to an empty room.

Since my friend was working all through the day, it got difficult for him and me to constantly check on Sabby when he is home alone. We both felt helpless because we didn’t know of a way to keep up with him as and when we wanted.

After thorough research on what’s available in the market, we stumbled upon Smart Camera by Xperio Labs. It was ordered online and it arrived within weeks. We had chosen the desired location to place this camera from where we can watch him all the time, as this camera is wireless so didn’t have to worry about Sabby chewing the wire.

This camera works with “SPRNG” app which had made our life easiest, as using this app both of us (me and my friend) can keep a check on Sabby any time we want, even we can give instruction to Sabby as this camera has voice facility also.

I am really amazed at the performance of this camera and recommend others to use this to get connected.😊